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Marketing Campaigns

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How To Get My Website On Google

Niche Keyword Research Course

You know what motivates the internet and drives traffic to your website, Right?. The answer is KEYWORDS! However, do you know how to choose the right keywords and then make those keywords do the work for you? The solution to a full understanding of keywords, content and semantics is in our Keyword Research course; The Keyword Marketing Seminar.

This information packed and easy to follow tutorial walks you step by step through how to discover keywords, how to selct them and how to apply those keywords for maximum effectiveness and search engine ranking. This is NOT your tired, overused and rehashed information on keywords. This seminar is the complete and intelligent look at how Google recognizes pages to index.

A total of 3 videos contained in the keyword marketing seminar reveals the methods that search engines NEED to index your content. The biggest failure of getting indexed is because websites typically leave out one or two vital parts in their content. The Keyword Marketing seminar covers every aspect of keywords and content to make sure you do not leave out anything!

At the end of the Keyword Marketing Seminar you will finally know 'How to get my website on Google' and not only how to get it there but how to get it much higher than you ever thought possible and how to keep it there forever! (One of our sites has been on page one of Google for the money keywords in position 1, 2 and 3 for more than 10 years!)

You know you need to learn how to maximize the potential of your keywords, and now you can get that in this revealing look at how to discover, apply, employ and feed your content keywords right to the front of Google and other major search engines. The live seminar of the Keyword Marketing Seminar was attended by hundreds of business people online, now you can get the entire recorded videos with bonuses to watch and learn at your leisure. Finally, discover what you are missing in Keyword research and I guarantee your website will, at last, see the top of the search engines for your money keywords.

The Keyword Marketing Seminar Curriculum:

    Basic Keyword Marketing Strategy Part 1

  • Understanding PSAD, keywords and their semantic relation
  • What is PSAD? and how to apply it to your keywords
  • Keyword Discovery - Finding the keywords that are most effective and specific to your niche
  • Keyword Selection - Selecting the keywords you need to apply to your content

Basic Keyword Marketing Strategy Part 2

  • Keyword Usage
  • Incorporating the keywords into your content
  • Promoting the keywords through proper linking
  • Crosslinks
  • Interlinks
  • Backlinks
  • Building relevant content to increase linking and indexing in Google

Advanced Keyword Marketing Strategy

  • Keyword Research - The best FREE keyword research tool that has everything you need
  • Keyword Metrics - What volume and competition really mean. Examining keyword metrics to choose the most profitable keywords
  • OCI - Understanding OCI (online Commerical Intent) the difference between money keywords and info keywords
  • Content Guidelines
  • Readability - How to improve the readability of your content so Google indexes it higher
  • Structure of Content - including polysyllabic words, stop words, optimizing sentence and paragraph structure
  • Density - Defining proper keyword density
  • Images - Optimizing your images for additional indexing in Google
  • Authority - How to really use authority sites to bleed links to you
  • Linking - The true strategy for linking content
  • How to force the Google spiders to index all your content across dozens of domains

All Three Videos, plus a Bonus PDF included!

Get all three videos Now for only $29.00 and start learning how to get your content in front of Google, bringing qualified targeted traffic to your web site.

Immediately download the 3 tutorial videos and instructional PDF to get started today!

Keyword Research Tools :

In the videos you will learn about these additional tools.

  • Semantic Search Engine An intelligent search engine that directly employs all of Google's databases for keywords. The semantic search engine is your lifeline to discovering words which Google KNOWS are related to your keywords and therefore you must include these terms into your content to raise the relevancy and potential indexing.

  • Content Scanner analyzes your content for maximum optimization and shows you where to improve and enhance your content for higher search engine ranking. The content scanner recognizes the stopwords that hurt your content, the readability of the content and how it may be improved. The content scanner also reveals your single, 2 word and 3 word keyword density. This tool prepares your content for exactly what Google wants! High quality content that gets top indexing.

  • Language Analyzer Analyzes every known word in the english language (over 835,000 words) even obscure and archainc words to effectively give you every possible word associated with your niche. The language analyzer reveals the synonyms, antonyms, sister terms as well as the hypernyms and hyponyms of any word. This intelligent tool reveals the tree of the origination of the word and uncovers base words that are needed to fortify your content.

  • Content Syndication This article directory and content syndication website allows you to put links in your content (not at the end in the resource box, put links right in the top and middle of your content!) and automatically distributes your articles and content to more than 250 other websites for maximum civerage of your keywords.

  • Remember, the videos are easy to follow tutorials, laid out in step by step format. The Keyword Marketing seminar teaches you how to make money online, using simple internet marketing tools, and how to truly use Google and other search engines as your personal internet advertising agency without having to pay for ads!