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How To Get My Website On Google

If you truly want to build a business online, Google wants to index your site!

However before you can get your website on Google, you have to do a few things for your marketing strategy. That's right, you might have to do some work on your marketing plan to make sure Google and other search engines will put your site as high as possible on their search results page. Following are the Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site. This information is taken directly from Google's Webmaster Guidelines with an explanation of each step.

Let's take a look at what Google says about indexing your website in their search results. "One of the most important steps in improving your site's ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that includes relevant keywords, used appropriately, that indicate the subject matter of your content."

One of the most important steps

Google starts out by saying one of the most important STEPS...
This is Google telling you already what THEY consider the most important thing you must do to get indexed and get more website traffic from them! Pay attention, as there are no hidden messages or secrets in what Google is saying, just plain and simple language. This is one of the MOST important steps....

Plenty of Rich Information

What does that mean? Google wants your website to contain original and informative content, and LOTS of it! This means Google appreciates and will reward sites that provide users with a quality experience in answering the questions, solving the solutions and presenting ideas and inspiration to the users of Google. This is true SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! Your readers must have plenty of RICH information, otherwise Google may not judge your site worthy enough to get on that first page of their search engine.

Relevant Keywords

Now, look at the second part of that first sentence, Google says 'INCLUDES RELEVANT KEYWORDS', relevant keywords are keywords that are highly related to your content and used appropriately in your content. The greater number of relevant keywords with plenty of relevant content that is informative is the FIRST step in getting Google to rank your website higher and bring in targeted site traffic. It's there in black and white, plain as day right on Google's own page. Relevant Keywords used appropriately and naturally, not stuffing keywords in your content, is the big answer to your ranking dilemma!

Subject Matter of your Content

Google wants you to clearly define the subject matter of your content. A clear and simple indication of what your website is all about. In other words, a vague and misleading or thinly vieled site will never see the top ranks of Google. No matter what you try, Google wants you to provide a clear, concise idea of your site. Using appropriate and relevant keywords that indicate what your site is all about. For that reason Google tells us to forget scraping tons of content from article repositories, blogs and RSS feeds, because it adds no value to your site. Cookie-Cutter websites, templates and 'done for you' websites are a definite NO! you will not get indexed. Forget the pipe dream that you can buy tons of PLR and get template websites that will make you rich. Google does not index these types of sites.

Remeber, Google is not your enemy, they want to put your website on their search results pages so everyone may enjoy the content you provide. Furthermore, Google is a partner in your business. Google is the only partner you will ever have that says simply, do this and I will reward you. However, if you fail to follow their rules, you will never see the top of Google. After all, it's their playground and you must play by their rules.

An important note about how to get my website on Google is this: Do not try to Game the search engine, stop looking for ways to beat the system!

One of Google's most broken rule is this: Webmasters who attempt to 'GAME' the search engines by creating tons of pages with little or no authentic content. Google clearly states that they will take action against DOMAINS (not just the pages in question, but entire domains) that attempt to rank higher by just showing SCRAPED content or AUTO-GENERATED pages that essentially add zero value to users.

This is your wake-up call to finally get your website in Google. This simple and easy to follow method is providedby Google on their Webmaster Guidelines pages and easily tells you all you need to know. However, there are times where getting the structure and getting the keywords and content is a daunting and long task. That is why we have provided a way for you to build your business using relevant keywords and informative rich content with the easy to follow Keyword Marketing Seminar.

In the seminar you will lean how to discover the keywords Google wants you to use in your niche, how to select those keywords, and how to put them into your content through proper linking. The keyword seminar is a series of 3 videos and a 25 page PDF that walks you through exactly the way Google wants your website to exist. In fact hundreds of students have already taken the Keyword Research Course and are enjoying top rankings for their money keywords. Take this opportunity to learn exactly what Google wants you to do to get your website on top of Google!

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