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Anchor Text Backlink Building

When marketing your business online it is important that you include building backlinks for your website. Because some get confused when it comes to backlink building, it is important that you don't just follow the crowd.Anchor text backlinks that are do-follow is nice, particularly if they are free backlinks.

You must be careful though because there are good links and there are bad links. You must be careful with what sites you do business with because as we all know there are many websites out there that push dofollow link building services. You will see in the sales copy of these websites that they submit your sites to High PR Website, Do Follow Sites, and EDU Websites for backlinks.

I would recommend you do your own free back link building. Many back-link builder experts try to claim that Page Rank is very important but they are not telling you the entire truth. PR does help to increase rankings in the search engines but it is a very small factor and mostly ignored by Google these days. It does not impact your rankings like backlink building websites claim.

Search engines require many factors to be into place for ranking a website. Link building is about more than do-follow backlinks and high page rank. Stay focused on these two insignificant factors and you will hurt your websites rankings.Take a look at many of the internet marketing websites and blogs, you will notice they have a PR 3 or 4 but yet very little traffic.

It helps your business none by having a high PR with no website traffic. Seriously think about this because without traffic you are going to make no sales. These marketing blogs and web sites got anchor text backlinks from other websites that have a page rank of 3, 4, or even 5.Thus they build their own page rank in hopes that the few people that do visit will think they know how marketing works and they will do business with them.

Your business needs to have a proper backlink building strategy in place that will drive targeted website traffic through natural link building. Posting on do-follow websites and high page rank sites without having proper link building methods will only hinder your websites progress.

You can see forum post every single day about others looking for do follow social bookmarking web sites and article submission sites. It is these people that have been duped into thinking these myths are top marketing secrets by those so called 'experts'.

If all of your back links are dofollow then the fact is it does not look like natural link building to search engines and they will flag your website as trying to do manipulation. The bottom line is your competition that has built anchor text backlinks that are no-follow and do-follow will out rank your website in the search engines.